Insulated Box Liners
Made from water-resistant and tear-proof metallic material these box liners provide extra protection from heat by sustaining the temperature along with ice bags. This box liners are excellent solution for shippers of food supplies such as chocolate, cheese, frozen meat or seafood and other types of perishables. While thick bubble padding provides cushioning the high R-Value extra layer of film will sustain the temperature during transit • Strong pressure self-seal • 3/16" high quality bubble padding • Seamless bottom for maximum strength • High R-Value • FDA Compliant • Made in USA
Thermal Metallic Bubble Mailers *** Thermal Metallic Bubble Mailers ***
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    Thermal Metallic Bubble Mailers
    TL121212 12x12x12 Insulated Box Liners 25 pcs (boxes included) $140.00 $130.00 $120.00 -
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