7x5.5 Packing List Envelopes "Packing List Enclosed" 1000 pcs/cs

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Packing List Envelopes "Packing List Enclosed.

Top-printed, side-loaded envelope reduces transit loss of documents

  • Size:7x5.5
  • 1000 pcs/cs
  • 2 mil polyurethane film
  • Designed with printed message: "PACKING LIST/INVOICE ENCLOSED"
  • Сonvenient peel-and-stick document attachment
  • Ships the same day (order placed before 2 PM) 
  • Free Delivery 
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Packing List Enclosed labels measure 4.5x5.5 and are made of waterproof poly material to protect your packing lists.  They have a pressure sensitive backing that sticks to almost any standard shipping surface. The fast, simple application process is just peeling off the paper backing and applying it to the package.  Pressure sensitive, back loading envelopes for protecting shipping documents from moisture, dirt and abrasion.

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