Bubble Out Bag (Size 3.5x4, packed 800 pcs/case)

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Self-seal bubble out bags

  • Made with high slip  3/16" bubble
  • Size 3.5x4
  • Packed 800 pcs/case
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made in the USA
  • 2-Day Free Delivery
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    $72.61 each
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    $71.10 each

Our self-seal bubble bags are made with a high-quality slip  3/16" bubble that is ideal for protecting your fragile items. It's a great lightweight solution for your packaging needs, and it comes in a convenient size of 3.5x4 inches. The bags are packed 800 pcs/case, and they have a good clarity and smooth inner surface that makes it easy to identify contents and slide them in smoothly. They also have pressure sensitive self-seal closures that make packing easier, tamper-evident, and super secure.

The self-seal bubble bags are Made in the USA with superior materials that ensure the highest quality possible. They're 100% recyclable.

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